BAGSMART 4PCS Packing Cubes for Carry on Luggage Travel Accessories

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  • TRAVEL ORIENTED- Use them to organize T-shirts. shorts. socks. shoes and electronic accessories. just simply roll or fold them and place in the cube. Minimize wrinkles and maximize space. make packing easy and make for quick unpacking during security checks.
  • ClOTHES BAG- About 17 inches (43cm) length. by about 13.5 inches (34cm) high and approximately 3.7 inches (9.5cm) wide. It's big enough for clothing items like shirts. blouses. skirts. jackets and trousers.
  • ELECTRONIC BAG- About 7 inches (18cm) length. by about 1.3 inches (3.3cm) high. and roughly 4 inches (10.5cm) wide. There are three inner zipper pockets suitable for digital camera. portable phone charger. telescope. USB cable. earphones etc.
  • TOILETRY BAG- About 5 inches (12.5cm) length. by about 9 inches (22.5cm) high. and approximately 4 inches (10cm) wide. There is a external zipper pocket for your towel. toothbrush. toothpaste. storing and beauty/make up items. medicines and other small things.
  • SHOES BAG- About 11.8 inches (30cm) wide. by about 15 inches (38cm) high. It's big enough for a pair of shoes.